HVAC Upgrades

The Encounter Church building was originally constructed in the mid 1990’s, and two of our HVAC units are original. Because of their age, the units need to be replaced; however, the cost is quite high - $290,000. We are splitting this expense with Marilyn Hickey Ministries which helps, but Encounter Church is responsible for $145,000. This is a significant amount for our budget. We can divert funds from other areas, but this will reduce the funds we have available for outreach and other important programs.

We are confident that God will provide as He always has done, and He will encourage people to make this possible. We’re asking every person who attends Encounter Church to prayerfully consider sowing into this need. We need people who can sow $5,000, $1,000, $500, $100, $10 and every amount in between. Every dollar you give will enable us to continue to invest into outreach and ministry to reach and help people.

Please call 303-771-0202 for assistance with your donation.

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